Perfect for a Halloween Party, from the retro film Ghostbusters, Slimer the ghost with the most gigantic appetite! This official belt buckle glows in the dark!

This Belt Buckle Is Gold plated and comes from the inside of the Paua Shell. The stone is removed and hand dyed to give its beautiful affect. These buckles are hand crafted and extremely precious.

Wing heart belt buckle, shiny and cute everyday buckle,
A bag to bring out the nerd geek in you. Shaped in the head of the adorable cartoon character, the design simply shows her face and a 3d padded tartan hair bow.This Hello Kitty bag face is embroidered onto the front of the bag, Along with an faux leather applique pair of taped up glasses. Hello kitty’s autograph can be found on a ‘hello my name is…’ sticker on the back on the bag. The preppy design is sure to catch the eye of anyone who passes you by.